Transforming Business with Innovative Technology

At Towerlogic, our passion for software development fuels our commitment to delivering excellence. As a trusted technology consulting partner, we embrace a tradition of guiding businesses through digital transformation with care and dedication. With years of experience in business intelligence, system integration, and custom software development, we take pride in crafting solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our team of skilled professionals harnesses cutting-edge engineering and cloud service technologies, rooted in a genuine desire to see your business thrive. At Towerlogic, we build relationships based on trust, working side by side to achieve your goals. Join us on this journey of innovation and let our tradition of excellence empower your business.

We Deliver Immediate Value

Our experienced team brings a strategic and entrepreneurial spirit to the table. Working hand in hand with our clients, we create an environment that encourages innovation, productivity, and trust. Our consulting approach prioritizes practicality and delivers immediate, tangible value.

System Integration
  • Needs Analysis

    At the heart of every transaction is a client need. But every client is unique and their challenges and needs are just as unique. You know your business, and we know the technology. At Towerlogic we take the time to analyze your requirements to understand your needs to ensure that the solution we propose truly fulfills your expectations.

  • Solution Definition & Implementation

    We work together with our internal team as well as recognized third party platform partners to develop the best possible solution to perfectly fit your technical and financial requirements. Towerlogic's team can take care of the implementation directly or collaborate with your existing in-house technical team to fully implement, configure and deploy the proposed solution.

  • Training

    Even the best IT solutions are of limited value if the people who use or support them do not properly know how to leverage them. We take care of training your support team and various users to make sure they get the best out of your investment.

  • Post-implementation Support

    Companies and needs grow and evolve. Your team grows and evolves. Technologies evolve. Towerlogic stays abreast of the evolution of the IT world and stands behind our clients to make sure that your solution keeps up with your requirements and expectations over time.

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Business Intelligence

Application Performance Management
  • Understanding Business Needs

    Turning your data into actionable insight begins by identifying key stakeholders and understanding their objectives. We will work together to build a roadmap that leads you to your goals in incremental steps, minimizing risk and delivering results early and often.

  • Tools and Infrastructure Strategy

    Harnessing data from multiple operational sources into the right location and format is critical to a successful BI implementation. We can help you build a reliable data pipeline that’s a perfect fit for your organization, whether it requires off the shelf ETL tools or custom built solutions.

  • Designing Reports and Dashboards

    Stakeholders have different needs and understating their view of the business is fundamental in creating the most effective reports and dashboards. We can help you design reports and dashboards that not only show your data in its best light, but also deliver it in the most effective way.

  • Training and Support

    Even the best tools in the world are ineffective if they aren’t used correctly. We will empower and enable your team by showing them how to use data to answer key business questions and become more effective in their roles. Training can be customized to your specific needs and team sizes.

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Our Approach

You’ve invested a lot into your business, and transforming it successfully requires a trusted partner. One who brings you innovative solutions and ideas. A partner with initiative, deep industry knowledge, meaningful insights and the right expertise to drive innovation. You need a partner who works with you side by side to help you realize your vision and reach the next level. When you work with us, we become an extension of your team and bring to bear all of our experience to help your business. Whatever your goals are, we’ve got your back.

About Us

Derek Whitehouse, CPA, CGA


Finance Executive, Entrepreneur and Chartered Professional Accountant with over 20 years experience in wireless communications, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and retail.

Fred Dumoulin

Founder & CEO

Technologist and Enterprise Software veteran with nearly 3 decades of experience developing products with companies in Silicon Valley and Montreal, including BMC Software, Coradiant and Networkshop.

Michael Quigley

Vice President Sales

Consultative sales and customer service expert with over 20 years of experience in everything from small start-ups to large technology and IT driven companies. Expert collaborator, embassador and solution provider.